Easter Newsletter 2023

Vignale Gamine

Uni body construction quickly became the norm in car manufacturing after World War II. Thus, many Italian body designers and builders were looking for additional ways to compensate for their declining business. One way was small series production based on current vehicles . Vignale offered the Gamine based on the Fiat 500 from 1967. A car with a retro look similar to the Fiat Ballila. At about the same time, Siata also offered a retro-style car, the Siata Spring, based on the Fiat 850. But as different as the two cars were in terms of technology, there were still many similarities: the Gamine was sold through Otto Versand, the Siata could be bought via Neckermann. And for both manufacturers, this was their last unsuccessful attempts at survival. In 1971, Vignale was closed after proficing about 700-800 vehicles. These vehicles are all extremely rare.


Autoquariat is currently helping restorer in Upper Austria to put a Vignale back on the road. Thanks to our parts network we were able to find the parts in Italy.

60 year old sports air filters

We have access to a remaining stock of original sports air filters that have been in storage for over 50 years but are in excellent condition.

1x1x335 Sportluftfilter 66cm Klassik für 32 NDIX

Most interesting for the Steyr-Puch drivers, sports air filter for the 32 NDIX (650TR, Haflinger and all "Frozen")


6x1x335     Sportluftfilter 30DIC

for 850 Special and Sport, Seat 133, Zastava 850, suitable. This carburettor was also used for the higher horsepower 500/126 engines, Abarth, Giannini and Panda 30



probably for Weber 36DCD(1100 Special), Weber 28/36 DCD (1300/1500) Weber 34 DCHD and Solex 34 PAIA (each 1500C).
Since the width deviates by about 5mm, we still have to test it. We would also be happy to receive further information.

Original carburettor parts arrived

we were able to purchase remaining stock of original Solex 40 PID parts again. link:


Where do our carburetor parts come from? We have many original parts, seals from Austria (the manufacturers also supply KTM and Rotax, for example), top repros from Germany (where the classic departments of the German premium manufacturers also buy), and of course from Italy.

The mountain calls

Every year, on the last weekend in April, the Seiberer Bergpreis.

This year for the 36th time. The competition was launched by Dietmar Etzersdorfer, the managing partner of the autoquariat. Historical bicycles have been riding along for a long time. And for some time now, the bikes have been riding separately on Saturdays.



Fiat exhibition in the Museum Stockerau

Every winter, Philipp Malek puts together a special show with special themes in his museum. Visitable until May 1st this year

"From Fiat to Steyr-Fiat - the Austrian way"

After the Second World War Austria was no longer allowed to have its own vehicle production.
The red thread that runs through the exhibition shows the time after the end of automobile production in Steyr and the cooperation between Steyr-Daimler-Puch AG and FIAT.
The rare Steyr 220 Gläser convertible and a Steyr 2000 A show the end of Steyr automobile production.

With the vehicles of the types Fiat 501, 514, 508 Balilla, the small truck 508 C Nuova Balilla, the types 1100 A, followed by the Steyr-Fiat types 500 C Belvedere, Steyr Puch 500, Steyr Fiat 600 Multipla, Steyr-Fiat 1500 C and the rare 131/1300 Mirafiori, the collaboration between Steyr-Daimler-Puch AG and Fiat is documented.


Siegfied Marcus Museum Stockerau
Sunday 10-12 & 14-16 Uhr

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