March 2023

Fiat Old timer registration statistics from 2002-2021

Very nice to see which vehicles are becoming popular and which are becoming fewer and fewer.


Most popular are the Fiat 500, which are imported in masses from Italy and the Zastava 600, which were built in Serbia from 1955-1985.
Seat are missing from the list, the stock statistics do not count the old models at all. Since many Seat (124,127,600, 850 from Steyr-Fiat) were imported, they should be included in the Fiat list. But not with Steyr Fiat, where only old models are listed.

Spring will soon be here!

Even though it's still cold and winter continues to linger, spring is coming soon. Think now about what needs to be repaired.
Do not delay those jobs that will keep your pride and joy off the roads when the Old Timer Season starts up again.

Retro Classic Stuttgart

Enclosed are some pictures from Stuttgart of this year's Retro Classic


The number of exhibition halls increased from 5 last year to 7 with a total area of 105,000m2. The number of visitors also increased slightly to 82,000. The main theme was 75 years of Porsche. But the other Swabian companies such as Daimler-Benz and Bosch were also well represented. But the blue and white propellor was also present celebrating100 years of BMW Motor Bikes,

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