National Day 2023

Flea Market at Heinz Liedl

This spring the Steyr-Puch Freundeskreis celebrated its 40th anniversary at the traditional Liedl flea market in Graßlfing near Regensburg, we congratulate them. In addition to the Steyr-Puchs,there were many oldtimers from the surrounding area. Walter Röhrl even turned up to see his motorsport friends.

In the area there is a small museum with Puch two-wheeler models, starting with an LM 125 from 1923, and the Puch 125 MC bj. 58, with which Heinz Liedl became German motorbike cross-country champion in 1959, 1960, 1962 and 1963.
More about these two-wheeled successes can be found in issue 3/2023 of Austroclassic:



And Heinz is still in the workshop 2 days a week taking care of two-wheelers and Puch cars.


Break Shoe Exchange

We have brake shoes professionally relined in large quantities and can offer them in exchange of your old ones at reasonable prices. Our range of exchange brake shoes extends from the Puch 500, Haflinger to numerous Fiat. But we can also reline your brake shoes if you send them in. Especially now in winter, when a little waiting time is not an issue.

Autoquariat online

We are constantly expanding our range of parts. Look at how many articles we have on line for these following cars.

for Puch passenger cars 2.371 articles
for Haflinger 1.896 Articles
for Fiat 500 1.501 Articles
for Fiat X1/9 518 Articles
for Topolino 370 Articles

and every day we add more. And beyond these, we have approx 10,000 more items on stock.

There is also a new category called Service

In it you will find links to events and videos like these:

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