Newsletter June 2021

EU tax rule

from 1.7.21 we have to charge the VAT of the destination country (e.g. 19% for Germany, 20% for France, 22% for Italy).
This means for some countries it will be cheaper, for some it will not change and for some it will be more expensive.

By default, the webshop shows the prices in Austrian VAT and the net price.
To see the correct VAT adjusted prices for your order, please log in, only then will the country-specific price be displayed.

As is usual in tax matters, this involves alot of administration on our part.
We therefore can only process orders via the web shop in order to fufil these obligations.
Therefore, for private customers as of today we can only accept orders entered via the Webshop. We will be happy to help you with any webshop problems.

NDIX carburettor

A Puch workshop with decades of experience has overhauled these carburettors to absolute perfection.
Every sealing surface levelled, throttle valves sealed with sleeves, all screws a new etc.


32NDIX*PU1G Carburettor PU1 injection 500 Sport (24 air jets, 125 main jets, 280 correction jets...)

only 1.350,- (1.125,-)


32NDIX*PU6G Carburettor PU6 injection Haflinger (22 air jets, 110 main jets, 240 correction jets ...)

only 1.350,- (1.125,-)


Each carburettor comes with a test report

Spring diaphragm clutch

From the middle of the sixties onwards, the new spring diaphragm clutch quickly gained acceptance over the coil spring clutch. The old design became more and more sluggish with increasing engine speed, whereas the new design works independently of engine speed.
As such this new clutch is ideally suited for sports engines, and thanks to harder springs also for the higher-torque engines.

In German we also like to use the term "Häussermann-Kupplung", because LUK (Lammellen - und Kupplungsbau August Häussermann) was the first European manufacturer of this clutch. And the first models use them were: Porsche 356, BMW 700 (both with sporty boxer engines).


1*1*825 clutch kit diaphragm spring clutch 3-piece

only 479,70 (399,75)

4 1/2 inch rims

finally we can offer Puch sport rims again


1*7*041 steel rim 4,5 inch only 150,- (125,-) per rim

For 4 rims only 138,- (115,-) per piece

1*7*042 4 rims, 4 inner tubes only 589,80 (491,50)


These oldtimer rims can only be specially produced in small numbers and carry no stamped labels or certification


Puch bumpers

we can now offer original Puch bumpers for all cars up to 1968. These are handmade to a very high standard ,made from stainless steel and polished to a high gloss.


1*11*141 Puch front bumper 390,- (325,-)



1*11*142 Puch rear bumper 390,- (325,-)


1*11*140 Set Puch bumpers 720,- (600,-)


Number plate lights Puch PKW

1*9*790 perfect replica of the Hella version, which was used as standard for Germany
only 84,90 (70,75)



1*9*791 ZKW repro only 46,80 (39,-)



Price note: all prices are webshop prices incl. 20% Austrian VAT and 2% webshop discount, you can see the prices for all other countries in the webshop when you log in.


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