October 2022

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A Double Bubble (More precisely the Fiat Abarth 750GT Zagato) in our yard this Autumn.
Owners and mechanics are happy when they can get service parts from stock even for rare cars. Not for nothing were the Abarths called derivazione Fiat.
There are more of these rare cars in Austria than you would think, e.g. This light blue one at the Kleinwagenclub stand at this year's Oldtimer Fair, which was awarded a prize.

How many Steyr-Puch cars are still registered?

If we disregard the exotics like the 500DH* and 600AP, the registrations of the Combi and all 650 passenger cars have increased the most.
In the case of the 500DH, my guess is, that is due to historical motorsport, because these official vehicles were the first to have 650 engines.
This makes it possible to compete in older model year classes with the larger engine.


Our up and coming News letter will have few things for Fiat cars.


Fiat ignition parts from 1932

we have many, many thousands of original parts as remaining stock, for example a distributor cap and rototary arm for Italian cars from 1932 on:

7*9*301 distributor cap (with rigid carbon)


7*9*311 corresponding spring loaded distributor rotor arm


7*9*331 A special offer price if you buy both together


The destributor fits the following; Balilla (508); 1100 (B, E); 1100 103 (53-55); 1400/1900, Campagnola, Lancia Appia
Distributor Magneti Marelli S50A; S58

Haflinger rear light available again as a reproduction

3x9x751Repro Rear Light reproduction

we used an LED for the brake light, since the temperatures in the light would otherwise be very high.
Stainless steel frame, lens: Hella version


Special offer until 31.12.2022

Webshop News

We are constantly adding new parts to our webshop, currently mainly Topolino and X 1/9 parts.
It pays to visit the webshop often

3rd and 4th of december

Regarding our annual Advent event. Watch this space,email to follow.

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